To lead the revolution of plant-biologics targeted at chronic diseases from soil to lab to shelf through best-in-class GMP that are regulatory approved in Singapore and globally to appeal to global markets across different cultures, healthcare systems and distribution systems.


Purpose: The pandemic, health inequality, increased medical treatment costs and decreasing access to healthcare require a global mindshift towards the curative properties of plants. Countries need to research and test new illness prevention methods that are plant based, lower cost, easy to access and able to reduce major illnesses with full regulatory backing. Singapore provides excellent resources and research capacities for us to tackle these issues.


Every staff of Straits Biopharma has a family member or friend with direct experience with debilitating illness that leads to death. We intimately understand the pain of seeing those close to us bear the brunt of such illnesses. Through this experience, we want to champion a new era of plant-based healing through our therapeutic gardens- Gardens@Straits and our low-cost TCM clinics.