The Healing@Straits ventures under the Straits Biopharma Foundation are to share the benefits of our commercial research and medical partnerships under our parent company Straits Biopharma and help support any communities that are suffering from long term chronic illnesses. Our goal is to provide a complimentary and more holistic approach that is focused on prevention rather than cure. 

Our TCM clinics are social enterprise facilities, funded by Straits Biopharma and any public or private grants that help us provide preventive health services to the medically underserved. 


At our Garden Dispensaries, we provide freshly harvested herbs free of charge to needy patients seeking natural remedies to help offset their financial burdens. Despite the pandemic, fresh herbs are still being sought after by patients on a regular basis.

We are actively looking to partner with charities, non-profits and community centred agencies to who can help us channel our resources to their community members and further our vision of Singaporeans nurturing health through the power of medicinal herbs, creating a nation of gardeners spreading the message of health and wellness. We are also actively looking to partner medical agencies and corporations that would like to further our vision of Healing@Straits.