We formulate and manufacture Biologics that provide evidence-based solutions to the major health concerns of modern society.

Biologic solutions are medicines derived from natural sources that address a wide variety of diseases. We are working at the cutting edge of medical research providing new therapeutic options e.g. for cancer patients who previously had no options available to them.

The first demonstration that the active principle of a plant drug can be isolated and attributed to a single chemical compound was conducted in 1806, when Friedrich Wilhelm Sert-u¨rner isolated morphine (‘principium somniferum’) from the opium poppy. With the success of his work, the concept of natural product chemistry, Biologics, was born.

Biologics are a form of integrative medicine that combines conventional medical therapies together with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) – based on high-quality research that clearly demonstrates safety and effectiveness.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, there has been steadily increasing use of integrative medicine approaches in conjunction with conventional systemic anticancer therapies. It is estimated that a minimum of 40% of cancer patients have used integrative medicine therapies for symptom relief during the course of their conventional systemic treatments.

Integrative medicine approaches have become especially popular with cancer survivors – in their treatment and management of the adverse effects and longer-term health consequences of conventional treatments (often referred to as ‘late effects’).